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Raffaello Di Martino - IZ0QWM (ex IW7CHV)
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Welcome in KWOS website

This is the site of a Buccaneer-Scholar, as well as a friend of mine calls all the persons that follow a particular lifestyle of mind. All the pages you will find in this site are written without the benefit or burden of a conventional education.
You will find here pages regarding my hobbies and jobs in various highly technical fields like ham-radio, meteorology, astronomy, electronics and so on. [ my curriculum vitae ]


  •  The NOAA APT satellite receiver is again up and running ! We are testing a new Quadrifilar-Helix antenna. The MSG-3 receiver is always on and is used for the Cloud Cover and Rain Rate prediction
  •  A new weather station will be monitored by the KWOS group. It's located in Rome
  •  Do you want to follow the thunderstorms over Rome in real-time ? Take a look to the RT_lightnings page
  •  If you are near Scandriglia, you can see the very useful Cloud Coverage Detector page.
  •  In the weather & sky page you can see the images coming from the All Sky Cam installed near the telescope. It can be used during night time to check the seeing of the sky and is used during day time to determine the cloud coverage at 360
  •  ViECam (Visibility Estimation by digital Camera). 

For the Cloud Cover prediction over Italy, please take a look to
All about aeronautical world...expecially weather monitoring related to aeronautical world by Raro Davide


Two MODE-S/ADS-B 1090MHz receivers have been activated. They are contributing to the FlightRadar24 community.
Mode-S is a Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) technique that  is very accurate and provides pilots and air traffic controllers with common air situational awareness for enhanced safety, capacity and efficiency.
ADS-B is a system in which electronic equipment onboard an aircraft automatically broadcasts the precise location of the aircraft via a digital data link.

Has been activated also an ACARS receiver: ACARS ( Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System also called Email for Aircrafts) is a digital data link system transmitted via VHF radio which allows Airline Flight Operations Departments to communicate with the various Aircraft in their Fleet.

Have you ever received a radiosonde and have you ever searched it once fallen down ? A radiosonde (Sonde is French and German for probe) is a unit for use in things such as weather balloons that measures various atmospheric parameters and transmits them to a fixed receiver. Radiosondes may operate at a radio frequency of 403 MHz. On this page I'll explain how is simple to receive them and how is nice to go around looking for them with your radio.


  •  Now the telescope is fully controlled from the house and can be also controlled with a Team Viewer connection everywhere on Internet. It's also possible to check the movements with an infrared camera.
  •  In the weather & sky page you can find the data coming from the Sky Quality Meter. If you're planning to come in Scandriglia to do astronomical observations, please take a look to it before leaving.
  •  A wide angle camera, very sensible to the light (0x0001 lux), has been installed to catch meteors and lightning.

Live Weather Data in flash - Wundercam - WebCamArchive

All Sky Camera


My QTH coordinates

Grid Locator: JN62je
4210' 07.3" N
1247' 09.8" E
CQ zone:
ITU zone:

Satellite, lightning and electric field.

Solar activity and propagation forecast


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